Bill Pettit Memorial Award 2021

Written by David Gelsthorpe, Manchester Museum.

Do you have a great project in mind that supports the conservation, access and use of natural science collections? Well, NatSCA’s Bill Pettit memorial grant for up to £3000 is here to help!

We are looking for applications for exciting new projects for 2021. Terms and conditions and contact details to discuss your project can be found on our Awards and Bursaries page.

To apply please fill out the application form.

Projects previously supported:


The Last Passenger: Conservation of the SS Great Britain Cormorant Skeleton (Awarded £1424)

Curating, Digitising and Displaying a Unique Historic Odontological Collection (Awarded £2100)


University of Liverpool Zoology Redisplay Project (Awarded £1840)

Leo Conservation Project (Awarded £1105)


A Virtual Flora of Tullie: “Sowing the Seeds” to Digitise a Nationally Significant Herbarium (Awarded £1200)

Taking wing: Curation of a Venezuelan Hawkmoth collection (Awarded £805)


Uniting and rationalising catalogues of different collections in a Life Sciences (Awarded £750)

Nature Notes – increasing access to local wildlife (Awarded £750)


Saving the World’s Rarest Skeleton (Awarded £750)

Cataloguing of three large collections of deep-sea samples held in the Discovery Collections (Awarded £750)


The Margaret Gatty algal herbarium in the St Andrews Herbarium (Awarded £1848)

Victorian Taxidermy conservation project, Ipswich Museums (Awarded £784)

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