Guidelines for contributions to the NatSCA blog

We welcome submissions to the NatSCA blog on a wide range of topics relating to natural science collections. Please follow the guidelines below when submitting a post to our editors.

  • Blog posts should be short to medium form – from one paragraph to 800 words as a suggested upper limit.
  • Posts should be written in clear English, conforming to the usual rules of spelling and grammar.
  • Paragraphs should be no more than four sentences long where possible.
  • Subtitles/headers should be used to help navigate through longer posts.
  • Acronyms should be explained in the text or be linked to a site with an explanation.
  • Posts should have at least one image, appropriate to the content. Images should have a caption, and a link to the source if taken from elsewhere online. When submitting images, please attach the files to your email in addition to the article document, for ease of uploading.
  • An image should be used to break up strings of more than three paragraphs.

Do please remember to keep posts concise – the editors reserve the right to return a submission to you for re-writing, or edit to length ourselves, if it significantly exceeds the stated word limit.

To submit or discuss a submission, please email us at Lengthier and more formal pieces may be better suited to our other publications, the Journal of Natural Science Collections or NatSCA Notes & Comments.

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