NatSCA Digital Digest – August 2022

Compiled by Milo Phillips, Assistant Curator of Entomology for Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Welcome to the August edition of NatSCA Digital Digest.

A monthly blog series featuring the latest on where to go, what to see and do in the natural history sector including jobs, exhibitions, conferences and training opportunities. We are really keen to hear more about new exhibitions, conferences and anything that you would like to promote. If you have any top tips and recommendations for our next Digest please drop an email to

Sector News

Yorkshire Natural History Museum

The Yorkshire Natural History Museum is a new, small public museum opening in Sheffield this Saturday August 13th 2022! The museum includes geology, palaeontology and botany collections with a significant research collection of fossils from the Yorkshire Lias. Their website is still under construction but they can be found on twitter as @YorkshireNHM.

NatSCA Lunchtime Chats

After a brief hiatus, our NatSCA Lunchtime Chats are back! Last week we heard from Jazmine Miles-Long about mitigating freezer-burn when freezing your museum specimens. You can read more about it in her recent blog post if you missed the talk. Stay tuned for information on our next lunchtime chat later in the month. These lunchtime chats are for members only and normally run on the last Thursday of every month.

This series is supposed to be informal, no fancy equipment is needed, it will be put out over the NatSCA Zoom platform and there is no fixed format. There will be shaky walks through stores by mobile, demos, plain pieces to camera or traditional PowerPoints if that’s the best way to share images and info. For those who want to take part please email to put forward your idea; if a stable internet connection for what you want to achieve is tricky we can put up a pre-recorded video and then speakers can jump in at the end for the discussion.

Bring your sandwiches and a cuppa and we hope to see you on the day! All members will have received a link to join via Zoom (the same link works for all sessions) – if you haven’t, get in touch with

Where to Visit

Galley Oldham has had a natural history take over! Current temporary exhibitions include the British Wildlife Photography Awards 10-year Retrospective exhibition showcasing 100 outstanding photographs of British Wildlife, on display until 3rd September, and ‘The Nature Table’, open until 10th September.

The Nature Table is a work by Sheila Tilmouth using photography and microscopes to discover and magnify the extraordinary lives that are hidden all around us and the miniature worlds beneath our feet. From fungus to flies and bumblebees to birds her work interprets these hugely varied lifeforms using a wide mixture of artists’ materials including painting, drawing, printmaking and digital manipulation. 

T.rex: The Killer Question (NHM’s touring exhibition with animatronic dinosaurs) will be on display at Peterborough Cathedral until 3rd September 2022. “This world class exhibition has nine roaring and moving animatronic dinosaurs of various sizes, including a three-quarter size T.rex. A 12-metre-long static model of a T. rex and a life-size T. rex skeleton will also be on show, facing each other across the Cathedral transepts”.

What to Read

Two more great blogs have come out since our last Digital Digest for you all to feast your eyes on. A great piece from Anthony Roach at Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service about ‘Tom’ The Burlingham Bird, a mummified bird discovered within the archives that sheds light on a larger story of colonialism and the environmental and cultural impacts of guano exploitation in the 19th century.

We’ve also got an update from Clare Booth-Downs at the Royal Horticultural Society Herbarium looking back on the past year at their new collections centre RHS Hilltop since moving the herbarium during the pandemic. It digs into the details and definitely doesn’t make us jealous of their gorgeous new facility and accompanying views.

Where to Work

The Natural History Museum of Denmark is looking for a new Collection Managers for both Vertebrate Zoology and Geology. The positions become available from October 1st and the deadline for applications is August 28th 2022.

More information on the roles can be found here:

Zoology –

Geology –

Before You Go…

If you have any top tips and recommendations for our next Digest please drop an email to Similarly, if you have something to say about a current topic, or perhaps you want to tell us what you’ve been working on, we welcome new blog articles so please drop Jen an email if you have anything you would like to submit.

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