NatSCA User Survey 2020 – Help us Target Our Future Support for Natural Science Collections and Community

Written by Isla Gladstone, Chair of NatSCA and Senior Curator for Natural Science, Bristol Museums.

I stepped into the role of Chair for NatSCA in May this year, and it’s been a challenging but important time to consider our future activity.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought real immediate impacts to NatSCA’s work. As for many people, NatSCA’s trustees have experienced individual challenges such as furlough or juggling work and childcare. We have also had to adapt our working practice – initially focusing on how to work together effectively as a virtual committee, and moving our event content online. (Announcements on virtual events to follow soon…)

NatSCA’s trustees have also been assessing potential longer-term risks to the charity in light of the pandemic, and how to make sure our activities remain relevant and sustainable. It’s a vital time for natural science collections, with their huge scope to contribute to urgent issues such as climate and ecological crisis and decolonisation. We also have potential challenges ahead, such as reduced budgets for professional development or further loss of subject specialist posts. The shift of many in our sector to virtual working offers NatSCA new opportunities. Most importantly, we are committed to understanding the changing needs of our communities and seeking your ideas to help inform our next steps.

Your input

We have put together a short anonymous survey aimed at anyone who currently uses NatSCA’s activity, or could use it, or has an interest in it. The survey is now live and you can access it here.

We would like to understand your perceptions of NatSCA – what do you value, what could we improve? We are also interested in how you have previously used NatSCA’s activity, and whether you anticipate changes in the short-medium term. Finally, we would like to test a few ideas, many of which are used by other Subject Specialist Networks or have been used by NatSCA in the past and could be useful to us again.

We will be sharing the results of this survey, and also finding other ways to contact wider stakeholders and people who work with natural science collections but do not currently access NatSCA’s resources.

If you would prefer to get in touch via email rather than fill in the survey please contact me at:

Thank you for your time, and please share!

Complete the survey

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