NatSCA Digital Digest – July

What Should I Read?

If you like a good nose, the second part of TetZoo’s Elephant Seal article has just been published, which you can read here. And here is a thoughtfully placed link to the first part in case you missed it and wanted to catch up.

For a fun bit of ‘history of natural history’, this article is all about the secret that the Natural History Museum’s blue whale has been hiding since the 1930s, unknown to anyone until it’s recent clean prior to the big unveiling next week. Those naughty conservators… chuckle.

Whilst some of this article raised my quizzical-shark-scientist’s-eyebrow, such as the scale bar for instance, researchers believe they have uncovered a big clue as to why the Megalodon went extinct. Definitely worth a read if, like everyone, you like sharks. Although this article came out in January, it is receiving media attention at the moment so I thought I’d treat you to it.

What Should I Do?

It may seem hard to lose an elephant, but not if you work with historic natural history collections. The Museum voor Dierkunde at Ghent University is trying to find the whereabouts of an elephant skull with a crooked jaw, lovingly known as ‘Betsie’. The fascinating back story to her life, death and subsequent departure from Ghent can be read here.

Here at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, we have another adult only event in the ever popular Lates series. On Thursday 13th July, come along to our adult only Indian Summer Late for music, face painting, tours, food, and hands-on fun. Ohh err.

What Can  I Apply For?

Presumably everyone who’s anyone looking for a curatorial role will have already heard of and applied to the Grant Museum, but if not you have until Monday. Details can be found here.

The Natural History Museum London is currently offering quite a few posts so it’s worth scrolling through their entire recruitment page. For roles with natural history collections, you may be particularly interested in three; the first (deadline Tuesday) is for Senior Curator of Non-Insect Invertebrates, details here. The remaining two posts both have deadlines of Friday 14th and are for Curator of Ores (details here) and Curator of Lichens (details here).

If the Isle of Man is your bag then the Manx National Heritage is also advertising at the moment. They are looking for a Curator of Natural History, details of which can be found here.

Before You Go…

If you have seen an exhibition, visited a museum, or want to tell us about your work, do get in touch as we are always looking for material from external authors. Email us with your ideas at

Written by Dr Emma-Louise Nicholls, Deputy Keeper of Natural History at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and NatSCA Blog Manager.

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