NatSCA Digital Digest – June

Three-toed sloth (C) Horniman Museum and Gardens

What Should I Read?

Four new dinosaurs all under one article, plus a good reason to check what’s in your museum stores more carefully. Dr Dave Hone introduces a cavalcade of new giant dinosaurs.

We all want to live in a perfect world where all museum records are available online, so why don’t we just digitise everything huh? Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives tackles The Question so many of us seem to get asked: Why don’t archivists digitize everything?

Not so much a blog or article to read, but definitely something to have a quick look at for it’s wow factor alone. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next event, be it for children or adults, it doesn’t come much better than these balloon animals and insects. These incredible balloon sculptures are by artist Masayoshi Matsumoto, and are just amazing.

What Should I Do?

Manchester Museum are holding a one and a half day conference called Unlocking the Vault taking place on 26th and 27th June. The line up of talks is available through the link above, and looks great for natural history fans.

The long awaited Dinosaurs of China exhibition is almost upon us. It doesn’t open until 1st July but I’m telling you now as I suspect booking tickets in advance will turn out to be a good move.

In a super mashing of Natural History and… Fans…, a new exhibition called All Creatures Great and Small on display at the Fan Museum in Greenwich shows all fans from their collection that have been decorated with animals. Delightful!

What’s Can  I Apply For?

It’s all happening at the Natural History Museum at the moment, they are looking for applicants for two new posts. The first is in birds and is based at Tring Museum, the second is in fossil reptiles and is based in South Kensington. Both deadlines are in June so get on it if you want to apply.

The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is looking for volunteers to work in the gallery. I volunteered at the Sedgwick back in the day; it is a fantastic collection to work with and you’ll have a great team of colleagues.

Before You Go…

If you have seen an exhibition, visited a museum, or want to tell us about your work, do get in touch as we are always looking for material from external authors. Email us with your ideas at

Written by Dr Emma-Louise Nicholls, Deputy Keeper of Natural History at the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and NatSCA Blog Manager.

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