NatSCA Digital Digest – July

Compiled by Lily Nadine Wilks, Intern at Museum Development Yorkshire.

Welcome to the July edition of NatSCA Digital Digest!Where Can I Visit?

It’s that time, museums have been allowed to reopen! Sadly most aren’t re-opening just yet to keep everyone safe. You can visit Derby Museum and Gallery from the 7th July and experience their Notice Nature Feel Joy exhibition.

Also you can visit Beamish Museum in the North East from 23rd July and visit their wonderful farms.

The Yorkshire Museum Gardens have reopened, 7 days a week from 10.30am to 6pm – they are a wonderful place to sit and watch the squirrels

Doors may remain closed but you can visit National Museums Liverpool Dinosaurs and Natural World virtual gallery tour:

What Can I Do?

We may have missed National Insect Week but you can still use the National Museum Scotland’s Brilliant Bugs resources to make outdoor space more bug friendly.

Want more butterflies in your garden? The Natural History Museum have this video and step by step guide on how to make a butterfly feeder to draw in butterflies for observation and photography using overripe fruit!

Head online for a free evening lecture with Paul Smith, Director of Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Professor of Natural History on Wednesday 15th July at 7pm to look at The Cambrian Explosion and the Evolutionary Origin of Animals.

What Can I Read?

The Decolonisation and Natural Science Collections blog by Rebecca Machin, Curator of Natural Science in Leeds Museums and Galleries is a fabulous read reflecting items from the collections out of the white male collectors view and putting them into perspective.

A lovely read by John Wilson, Curator of Vertebrate Zoology at Liverpool Museums about the history of their dodo in Breathing New Life into the Dodo.

Clare Smith, Project Officer at the Cole Museum of Zoology wrote the blog Behind the Scenes of the Fluid Collection looking at the progress the fluid preservation team have been making towards the move in depth.

Before You Go…

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Similarly, if you have something to say about a current topic, or perhaps you want to tell us what you’ve been working on, we welcome new blog articles so please drop Jen an email if you have anything you would like to submit.

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