NatSCA Digital Digest



Curator of Pleistocene Mammals at the Natural History Museum

Duration: fixed term (12 months)

Closing date: 27th May 2015

To apply, click here

Conferences and Workshops

This will be the last NatSCA Digital Digest before Museums Unleashed begins next week in Bristol. It’s set to be a great event with Some terrific speakers. Don’t forget to be a part of it. Those of you that really can’t go can follow the live tweets at #NatSCA2015. The conference lasts for two days from the 21st May but, if previous years are any indication, the fun will start the night before.

We also have an Osteology Workshop coming up in Cambridge on the 8th September 2015. If you’re still in two minds about going, why not ask some of the people who will be speaking? I’m sure they would be happy to answer any questions you may have – either online or in person next week if you’re in Bristol.

The Museums Association Conference will be with us on the 5th and 6th of November but the Early Bird booking ends on the 7th August. The theme this year is “Radical Futures”. For more information, click.


The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is featuring an art exhibition of New World Vultures by Nigel Hughes in the Café Gallery. There is also a talk this evening about the exhibition by the artist if you’re in the area.

In Other News

If you’re in London this evening, come down to the RSPB’s Summer Party, featuring guest speaker Darren Naish. You can find out the details of the event here. You don’t have to be an RSPB member but it helps.

Content assembled by Samuel Barnett

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