The Perils of Potholing – Get Well Soon Julian Carter

Star organiser of this year’s SPNHC/NatSCA/GCG Conference Julian Carter has written a very detailed account of his recent accident while potholing in the Aven de Hures. It’s compelling and hard to read without wincing. Get well soon Julian – we all wish you a speedy recovery and are delighted to hear that you are on the mend:

The Fall
I lie confused, disorientated. The mind is furiously trying to figure out where I am, how did I get here? Involuntary groans leave my body from the shock, pain and confusion racking me…

Gradually the thinking clears and I’m looking up. I see the outline of the 40m deep shaft I’ve just fallen down. A large gaping sphere of blackness in the middle of the light coming off my helmet light which is lying just behind my head somewhere.

Amongst the first coherent thoughts are ‘I survived falling down that!?’. The next is the sudden awareness I’m at the edge of the rift that is the next pitch. Quickly my bloodied hands find the pitch rope and clip it into my chest ascender.

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Jules receiving the Special Service Award at SPNHC2014

Jules receiving the Special Service Award at SPNHC2014

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