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(Image by Ton Rulkens, in public domain)

Good morning all, I’m recently back from volunteering on the Orchid Observers project, working on determining the effect of climate change on the UK’s orchid species. I’m going to talk about that in a bit more detail later but let’s see what’s been happening this week:

In the News

The Natural History Museum, London, will be reprising its Human origins permanent exhibition next month. Anyone who remembers the old exhibition in the upper gallery and then attended the temporary One Million Years exhibition will know that much of the research of the last decade was missing from the old one. This relaunch comes as welcome news to many.


Speaking of Welcome news, the Wellcome Collection will soon be launching its exhibition on Tibet’s Lukhang Palace. One may not ordinarily think of cultural structures as coming under the remit of Natural History but it’s amazing how much geology there is in stone work, not to mention all the nature-inspired tapestries and decorations, andthe animal-skin boats used to reach the palace.

11-year-old nature enthusiast Zach has just finished a year of daily nature blogging. Check out the fruits of his impressive work here.


News from NatSCA

Don’t forget that the final entries for a Bill Pettit Memorial Award grant are due in on the 12th December 2015 – get submitting here.


From the Blogosphere

Oxford’s Mark Carnall has written a must-read piece in the wake of the Museums Association conference on the role of the Subject Specialist. You can find it here.

If your local museum is up to something interesting, do get in touch.

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