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In the Blogosphere

Our conference has drummed up a lot of blog interest. The Museums Association and Museums & Heritage Advisor both ran posts on it, written by our wonderful members. Also see Rachel’s piece Tweeting up a Storm on the conference and the power of social media hashtags.

Claire Madge has written an excellent piece on her experience of volunteering. Regular readers will remember Claire from the interview she gave on autism and museums last year.

Upcoming Events

The Cheltenham Science Festival has begun and will be continuing until the 7th June. If you’re free this weekend, pop along. Among the many reasons to go, seeing NatSCA patron Ben Garrod quiz palaeontologist Jack Horner has got to be right up there.

Professor of Zoology Matthew Cobb at Manchester University will be giving a talk with evolutionary biochemist Nick Lane on the 11th June at the Royal Institute called The Story of Life – a look at how genetics has impacted our understanding of biology.


There are some exciting things in the pipeline, which I want to tell you about here but I can’t yet *sits on hands*. Just watch this space.

Content assembled by Samuel Barnett

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