NatSCA Digital Digest


In the blogosphere

For those of us that missed the Progressive Palaeontology conference, Elsa Pancroft, aka Giant Science Lady, has done a great write-up of it. I urge you to take a look.

Delicious news for the GCG: The Geological Society are running their annual bake-off again this year. No lawyers were harmed in the making of these cakes, unless they forgot their oven mitts.


In the news

The appreciation of skeletal form is spreading: first Trafalgar Square’s Gift Horse, now the City of London Academy has unveiled a 13 metre chicken. If anything will stop a person eating meat it’s being killed by a giant chicken.


Conferences and Workshops

Today marks the first day of the Linnaean Society’s two-day Digitisation Seminar. I’m looking forward to hearing from people attending, as it fits quite nicely into this year’s NatSCA Conference theme. Also really looking forward to seeing you all there.


Content assembled by Samuel Barnett

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