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Welcome to the weekly digest of posts from around the web with relevance to natural science collections. We hope you find this useful and if you have any articles that you feel would be of interest, please contact us at

1. Blog: NatureBase: Observe, Conserve, Protect

Sam Misan


One of the wonderful things about working in museums is the opportunity to inspire young minds. Cliche? Yes, maybe. But that doesn’t make it not true! The Grant Museum recently had a young visitor who told them about his like for blogging about museums that he visits, as well as his own collection of natural history objects. It is great to see how we are viewed by the upcoming generations of natural sciencers, and thought you’d enjoy a perusal of his blog.


2. References: Subject Specialist Networks



Subject specialist networks are an integral tool for sharing information between museum professionals (and others) and tapping into the wealth of knowledge that may otherwise not be written down. The following website gives a list of SSNs, including many that are relevant to natural sciences.

Subject Specialist Networks

Compiled by Emma-Louise Nicholls, NatSCA Blog Editor

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