NatSCA Digital Digest

There is a temporary Curatorial Assistant position going in Sheffield. For more details about the spec, see here.
Be sure to check the NatSCA jobs board regularly, we don’t want you to miss out.
A new exhibition on the Bates specimens has just opened up at the Oxford Museum of Natural History, put together by our very own Gina Allnatt. You can read more about the exhibition here and of course visit the new display in the top hall of the museum.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology are commissioning a new  wall of birds – the wall will feature over 260 species painted to scale and I for one will definitely need to go and see it!
Cool stuff on the Internet
You may know him from his phylogenetic silhouette site Phylopic. If you’re really ancient, you’ll know him from a great site called the Dinosauricon. Now T. M. Keesey has embarked on a new Palaeocene comic, which looks fantastic and you can read it here.
The people from Palaeocast are working on a virtual natural history museum. It will be a way for people to access digitised resources like never before. It’s early stages yet but do check it out.
Papers and Blogs about Papers
Chris Stringer raises some issues with exactly where Homo naledi sits on the hominid family tree in this piece for eLife.

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