NatSCA Digital Digest – November

Written by Sam Barnett, NatSCA Volunteer and PubSci Committee Member

Welcome one and all to the November installment of the NatSCA Digest. First of all, I hope you’re all enjoying the #Museum30 social media event, which runs throughout November on Twitter. It’s not too late to get involved with it, check out the list here:

The Museum 30 list is compiled by Museum Studies and Archaeology student Gracie Price.

First, an Announcement

It’s that special time of year again when NatSCA release their Call for Papers for next year’s NatSCA Conference. Due to be held in May 2019, the conference will be exploring themes under the banner Collections Success. You have until the 4th of January to submit your abstract, and can find the full details here – we can’t wait to see what you come up with for us next year!

Where Should I Work?

Part-time, fixed-term Documentation Assistant, at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Deadline; 12.30pm on 12th November.

Education Assistant, at National Museum of Ireland. Deadline; 5pm on 12th November.

21 months, fixed-term Project Officer – Freshwater Snails, at National Museum Cardiff. Deadline; 5pm on 16th November.

Full-time (possibility of part-time if preferred), permanent Head of Collections, at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Deadline at 12pm on 19th November.

What’s Going on?

Wildlife Photographer of the Year has opened up at the Natural History Museum, London. There are some terrific entries this year, see if you can spot my favourite (I’ll give you a hint: it features two birds from the Galapagos).

This week’s PubSci talk was a fascinating journey into the deep sea with James Maclaine; fish curator at the Natural History Museum, London. He introduced us to fish that most of us had never heard of and some recipes most of us wouldn’t want to try (think Hagfish slime as egg white substitute). James was involved in the NHM’s Life in the Dark exhibition and is the one to thank for the blind Mexican cave fish swimming about in there.

Last, Another Announcement!

Finally, I’d like to wish Bethany Palumbo all the best as she moves from the Oxford Museum of Natural History to starting her own business as a Freelance Conservator. You’ve seen what she can do, people – let’s make sure everyone else does too.

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