Books on the History of Taxidermy

History of Taxidermy

Here are two useful books on the history of taxidermy that went out of print soon after publication have been reprinted and are now available again (in softback only).

Edward Gerrard & Sons – a taxidermy memoir

by Pat Morris

This is an account of the once famous London firm whose work can be seen in many museums from Britain to Australia. They began by specialising in osteological preparations, but by the late 19th century had diversified into taxidermy and model making (particularly as teaching aids in schools).
A speciality of Gerrards was making ‘animal furniture’, an astonishing variety of bizarre objects. You would not believe how many things can be made from a dead elephant! A final chapter reviews the history and closure of Gerrard Hire Ltd, suppliers of mounted specimens for theatrical and photographic work. Stuffed vultures were particularly popular to take to people in hospital apparently.

The King’s Choice

by Pat Morris & Rob Chinnery

This book describes the beautiful taxidermy by George Quatremain (1846-1917). He was well-known to famous artists of his day, and active in Stratford on Avon and Malvern.
Some of his mounted animals were set up in natural surroundings and photographed for calendars. As befits the quality of Quatremain’s work, this book includes some full colour illustrations.

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